How can I submit my article to the Scientific Journale of Imam Hossein University (IHU)?

By referring to the Scientific Journal of Imam Hossein University, which is related to the subject of your article and after reading the section of the authors' guide, especially the regulation on prevention of theft and scientific fraud and with strict observance of the compilation guide and therefore, Submit your article.

How can I get in connect with the managers and staff of Imam Hossein University?

First, look for the answers to your questions in the FAQ, and if you don't find the answers, you can ask your question via a dedicated e-mail or contact us section of each publication's system.

How can do I track a submitted article?

Only the author of the article can view the latest status of the article through the publishing system in the article file, any change in the status of the article will be notified to the author and other authors can be informed  that from corresponding authour.

How long will it take to get accepted?

  1. After the article is sent by the author to the system, in the first stage, the article will be reviewed by the publication's experts in terms of compliance with the editing guide (within a maximum of one week). (Please read the Authors' Guide section carefully before submitting an article to expedite the judging process, and edit and submit the article accurately based on the editing guide in the system).


  1. In case of acceptance in the first stage, the article will be evaluated in the second stage in terms of content quality and relevance of the subject by the editor, expert secretary and scientific committee. This step will usually take a week.


3. After acceptance in the second stage, the article will be sent to at least two reviewer. The review process for the articles is as follows:

   1. If two reviewers reject the article, the article will be rejected.

2. If the opinion of one arbitrator is reviewed and the other arbitrator is reject the article, the article will be sent for the third reviewer and will be decided based on the opinion of the third arbitrator based on items 1 and 2.

3. If the opinion of the two arbitrators is to review the article, the article will be given to the author for review.

  4. After the author has corrected and submitted the article based on the opinion of the reviewers, the article will be given to one of the judges for comparative evaluation.


An email will be sent to the reviewer each week to remind them, and if the article is not review after one month, the article will be withdrawn from the referee and given to the new referee. Due to the amount of corrections requested by the review and the speed and accuracy of the corrections by the authors, it will take about 2 months (if the judges finally approve) to be accepted in this journal.

When will the latest issue be published and how can I subscribe to the Journal?

The publications of Imam Hossein University (IHU) are currently only published digitally and in writing, and the electronic version can be downloaded for free on these systems. The written version is published only in the number of articles and the responsible author can receive his publication in person.

Is it cost to submit an article to the journal?

No - does not charge for review and publishing articles.